Our Approach

We don’t have a house style. Each of our clients is unique and so is the work we do for them.

In a nutshell

Our strong point is to offer simple solutions to complex projects. We like challenges and do things a little better each time.

  1. We listen

    Our first step is to make sure that everything we plan is consistent with the objectives and needs that you have explained to us. We don’t start the creative process until we really understand you, the context and the challenge at hand. Therefore we will not send you a budget sheet, but a previous study in which we will tell you how we see it, accompanied by an economic approach. We believe that exceptional results comes from collaboration, good analysis and in-depth planning.

  2. We design

    Design is not a matter of style alone. Design is a subjective matter, but only good design solve problems. In Fluido Digital we attach great importance to user experience and the crafting of graphical interfaces to offer the best web or mobile solution. Everything else is to fill the screen with pretty colours.

  3. We code

    Contents, design and programming are inseparable. We believe that technology is only a tool to make easily available what matters. Our projects offer a great design and a technical solution in which simplicity prevails. A project must only be complex on the inside.

We get involved

It could sound formulaic, but we care about our projects. We believe in developing things that are worth doing and we dedicate the time and attention to detail they require.

Behind each project there is a history. We like to participate in it through our work. We are passionate about providing vision and creativity to spread your message through the web. Because our work is about getting the message across, not about transmitting information.

We are not only programmers: we like to be fully involved in what we believe in.

As a team, we have an ususual background for a digital studio. We have qualified computer engineers in our team, but we also have PhD degrees in philosophy, graduates in philology, history or communication and experts in computational linguistics.

A digital project has many facets and needs a highly integrated multidisciplinary team.

We do not give up the challenges

Our clients are as diverse as the work we do, and include public institutions and private companies of all sizes. Our job is to enable organisations to do what they do more effectively. Sometimes this means pushing our clients (and sometimes ourselves) outside their comfort zone.