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Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters

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18 cities linked by Sephardic legacy

The client

The Network of Jewish Quarters of Spain is an Association constituted by 18 municipalities that have, in their medieval old quarters, an architectural, historical, environmental and cultural heritage from the Jewish communities that inhabited them. In its international projection, the Network is a founding member of the European Route of the Jewish Heritage, and carries out an intense work of diffusion abroad.

We have worked with the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters from 2001 to 2017 in projects for the web, kiosks for exhibitions and mobile applications. We have developed tools for the dissemination of its tangible and intangible heritage of which we are very proud.

Services provided

  • Digital consultancy
  • Technical Architecture
  • Graphic design (UI)
  • User Experience design (UX)
  • Web Development
  • Programming
  • Beta-testing
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The new website

This is the fourth institutional website that we have designed for the Network of Jewish Quarters in the period 2001-2017.

With a very up-to-date design based on flat colors and straight and geometric shapes, the webiste emphatizes graphic content and the communication of its activities.

The agenda of events organized by its associated cities are the dynamic engine of the association and the feature that differentiates it from other cultural networks in Spain. Therefore, together with the most institutional information, the web promotes the maximum diffusion of its activities through the main page, its connection with social networks and its newsletter.

Spain is a country where you can enjoy the many sides of cultural diversity and the variety of identities, languages and traditions that enrich it.


“Thanks to all of you. Without your work and illusion nothing would have been the same”.

Assumpció Hosta. General Secretary, RJE


Building a brand

The website is the centerpiece of Red de Juderías de España's communication and brand recognition strategy. It highlight only few elements: institutional identity, news and events organized by its associated cities -as well as its continuous presence in social networks.

The frontpage of the website is a showcase based on a vertical design divided in sections where all brands sponsored or owned by the Network of Jewish Quarters (Meetings in Sefarad, Vineyards of Sefarad, Sephardic Sweets) and their participation in the European Day of Jewish Culture are promoted.

The Jewish Network has gained visibility since 2016 thanks to its online communication platforms. In 2016 alone, the Facebook community increased by more than 7,000 fans and +6,000 followers on Twitter. We wanted the energy and dynamism of the Network to keep flowing on the Internet and be translated into brand recognition.

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Other brands

The new website unifies the communication of the satellite brands that the Network uses to reach niche markets.

During the 2010-2016 period, the Network created standalone microsites for each of its brands, such as "Meetings in Sefarad" aimed at congress tourism, "Viñedos de Sefarad" or the loyalty card "Sefarad Card" " The new website integrates the microsites into the global communication of the Network, enhancing its presence and boosting its message.

“It has been a luxury to work with you. I wanted to thank you for allowing me to be part of this great team. I think the project has been a great success and that was not easy”.

Rafael Pérez de la Concha. Chief of Tourism and World Heritage. Córdoba City Council

Press cippling

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Placing the Network on the map


With more than twenty years of history, the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters faces its future as part of the European Route of the Jewish Heritage, a route of the Council of Europe.

Our work has contributed greatly to build a solid image for the Jewish Network during the 18 years we have worked together, unifying communication strategies and building brand recognition.