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An educational project that goes further

The client

La Salle is an educational institution with more than 300 years of history and presence in more than 80 countries on five continents. It has more than 1,000 schools, educational centres and pedagogical projects and the involvement of more than 70,000 educators and collaborators. In Catalonia alone, it owns 25 educational centres and gives work to more than 1,500 teachers

We've worked with La Salle Gràcia since the publication of its website in 2016 upgrading and supporting the website.

Services provided

  • Technical Architecture
  • Graphic design (UI)
  • User Experience design (UX)
  • Web Development
  • Programming
  • Beta-testing
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La Salle in figures

300 Years of educational tradition
80 Countries
25 Schools in Catalonia
75 Universities
985 Schools in the world
1014174 Students
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A school deeply rooted to its neighborhood

With strong ties to its neighborhood, La Salle Gràcia is an atypical case within La Salle.

It is a semi-public (concerted) school in a Barcelona's area where the supply of free public education is wide and it is generally seen as the best option. It is also a religious school in a neighborhood where families value more a non-religious education.

On the other hand, until 2010, the school only taught secondary education and training cycles (Ciclos formativos), so attract new families to create the lines of infant and primary education became the priority of the center.

Since its initial planning, the website of La Salle Gràcia has been focused on attracting new students and unifying the communication channels with families.


The best option

La Salle Gràcia website is the central point of a communication strategy that presents a well-established school, close to families, agile and active and with strong ties to its neighborhood. Its tradition of more than 125 years since it was established in Gràcia offers confidence and security.

Enrollment. The adquisition of families begins directly on the website, where complete, detailed and visually appealing information of each of the educational stages is offered. This information is complemented with the differential value of La Salle's educational innovation projects (ULISSES, FAIG, HARA) and with the center's own educational projects (music, robotics, subjects in English). When a family asks for a meeting, it already has almost all the basic information to make a decision, which facilitates the increase of registrations.

Loyalty. The website is also a loyalty tool for families who have already chosen La Salle Gràcia. Activities, latest news or the montly agenda are always updated and easily accessible. The website, in this way, has become the main means of communication on the activities of students and it is privileged showcase of the dynamism of the school. La Salle Gràcia is an active and constantly moving school with an agenda filled with multiple proposals and events.


Increasing enrollment

With a traffic of around 100,000 users per year, the website has contributed significantly to the increase in school enrollment since its debut in the 2016-2017 academic year.

Starting from a situation in which child education was at 50%-70% of its capacity, finally during the 2018-2019 academic year all the available places have been occupied, so they have had to create waiting lists. Primary education is complete and the line of secondary education has been duplicated.

"To promote the values ​​and culture of La Salle as an educational institution. Not only as an established school deeply rooted in Gràcia neighborhood, but as a top-level educational center in Barcelona".

Our goal.
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Looking ahead


What at first sight seemed like a simple school website became a complex project with multiple challenges to overcome during the planning and development stages. We are thrilled to have accomplished the goals and that the results exceeded expectations.

At Fluido Digital we are excited to continue being part of the extended La Salle Gràcia family and to help shape the communication La Salle as a brand.