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Discogs (short for discographies) is a website and crowdsourced database of information about audio recordings, including commercial releases, promotional releases, and bootleg or off-label releases. Discogs is one of the largest online databases on music and it is the world's largest music database in physical format.

We are working on Discographic for Discogs since 2015, progressively increasing its features and making it more useful and faster. Our goal is simple: make it easy to access your record collection anywhere.

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We believe that — done right — technology should simplify. It should make life easier for those who use it.

But simple can be tricky. That’s why we’re here
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By numbers

10875097 releases
5392417 artists
1191208 labels
6538989 registered users

“They know first-hand what a fully featured Discogs app is because they are record collectors. Aimed at providing that feature rich experience we crave and recognize when we see it, Discographic incorporates every aspect available via the regular site — with offline support”.

Matt Gluskin, Editor, WaxTimes.


Search the Discogs database and manage your collection in a single application.

One of the most interesting features of the Discographic app is the management of the personal collection of records and wantlist: you could add or remove discs, write notes, group discs in folders, rate releases...

The collection and the wish list are always synchronized between the device and the server through the user account, avoiding data loss.

Simplifying the experience

Search among millions of releases in just one touch.

The search utility returns albums, artists or record labels and gives access to all the stored data in the Discogs database. Thanks to it it is possible to find a database reference in seconds. All informations is presented in an easy-to-use mode.

Know the estimate collection value

Discographic offers a fork within maximum, median and minimum estimated value of the record collection updated in real time. This is a useful tool if you want to insure or sell it.

Availability and price history

Discogs has become the de facto reference to set the price of the second-hand records. The app also offers access to the Discogs marketplace and allows you to compare release prices and availability... Without exiting the app.

Built-in Scrobbling

With the scrobbling utility, song's or album's and artist's names is sent to the user's lastfm musical profile in the cloud.

It allows getting statistics of the user's musical actions, get similar music recommendations and compare musical tastes with other people in the network. We can even get alerts of nearby concerts from groups that the user usually listen to.


“First impressions this is a winner. I like the ability to change color and clear the cache in settings. Lots of apps could learn from those details”.

A Discogs' user
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Press cippling

Discographic – A New Discogs App. Wax Times, Matt Gluskin, April 27th, 2015.

This fully featured app lets you manage your collection and wantlists seamlessly from the crates to your device. Wether it’s adding a disc to an existing collection, starting a new discography or checking out album details in-store, Discographic does it all.

Discographic is the slickest Discogs app yet. Fact Magazine, July 1st, 2015 .

[Discographic] it’s certainly [...] aesthetically pleasing – the interface features customisable colour schemes, and features sleeve art quite prominently. There’s also a full-screen image viewer allowing you to examine sleeve art in more detail.

Discographic für iOS: Musiksammlung bei Discogs verwalten und erweitern. AppSpezis, Tim Morrison. May 25th, May.

Wichtig ist aber, dass Discographic wirklich gut funktioniert, es mangelt der App eigentlich an nichts. Ihr könnt eure bestehende Sammlung einsehen und verwalten, neue Käufe hinzufügen oder direkt dort tätigen. Alles läuft stabil, ist absolut intuitiv nutzbar [...] und bietet so endlich eine rundum genießbare Lösung für Discogs auf dem iPhone.

Discographic: The iOS Discogs App You’ve Been Looking For. FSM, June 12nd, 2015.

Searching for a record couldn’t be easier. You can search by Release, Master, Artist or Label. Obviously you can also search by the catalog number, barcode or matrix. There’s even a barcode scanner built right in.

Use the barcode scanner to locate any record in the database anywhere in seconds.

“We are committed to providing a quality app for records lovers made by records lovers”.

The full power of Discogs in your pocket

In few words

Being able to accurately catalog your collection with utilities that make the experience more agile and simple is the main purpose of this app.

Discographic for Discogs gives you the full power of the largest music database and puts it at your fingertips.