We are a web development studio that conceives, designs and develops digital experiences for companies and institutions. We handle everything from start to finish and convert your ideas into digital applications, web, coporativas intranets, interactive kiosks and iPhone apps or Android environments. So easy. We develop our projects with a high standard of quality, attention to detail and delivering a job well done.

Established in Sitges (Barcelona) since 2001, our specialty is highly customized projects and custom developments. We like challenges and do things a little better each time. Our favorite project is usually the last, because we tend to encourage our customers to do something new and attractive. If you want to check or want more information, here you can contact us. Just like that.




Design and development
of websites and apps

We design and develop websites using the latest standards such as XML, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. The usability of our projects is a priority, either on the web or an app for the iPhone.


Custom programming

We prefer dynamic projects, based on the design pattern model-view-controller, easily upgradeable and expandable. We Programme with Javascript, PHP, JAVA or the language that best suits your needs.


Information systems
Content management

We are specialized in tailored Information Systems to the needs of our clients. Corporate Intranets or Extranets, specialized content manager systems or data management systems, training or learning applications, etc.


with social networks

"Write once, publish everywhere". We solve the integration of all contents from your website/blog and the main social networks, unifying content management on a single platform to suit your needs.


fluid. digital experiences

18, Pintor M. Carbonellopis Street
08870 - Sitges (Barcelona)
Tel. (+34) 93 894 50 51
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